INTEGR8 is an innovative project which aims to develop a new approach to the integration of migrant women in their host communities. Rather than integration initiatives being ‘done to’ or ‘done for’ migrant women by agencies and policy-makers, the INTEGR8 project aims to support migrant women to become their own drivers of integration.

We aim to achieve this through the design and delivery of relevant, practical and meaningful training and resources which are developed in partnership with migrant women.

These training courses and resources will empower migrant women to be confident in their new roles as integration leaders; where they will act as a contact point for other women in their own communities who lack the confidence to undertake training for example, or who do not know where to go to access information on their rights and entitlements, or to access basic services.

Our training programme will be designed and develop in consultation with migrant women and experienced professionals working in the field of integration through local working groups in each partner country.

Consortium partners are confident that the integration of migrant women can be best supported and achieved if integration programmes and initiatives are led by migrant women themselves.

For this reason, once the first trainees have completed the INTEGR8 training, they will be supported to establish their own local networks which will involve migrant women and women from their host community.

These groups will not only provide a platform for the newly trained integration leaders to deliver informal training and to utilise their new skills; they will also act as a support to migrant women who may lack access to information and help to improve the integration of migrant and the awareness of members of the host communities about the diversity of cultures living in their region.