The INTEGR8 project is led by Meath Partnership and is promoted by a consortium of seven organisations from across Europe with vast experience of working directly within local migrant communities.

These organisations come from Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Italy and Austria – seven European countries each with differing experiences of receiving and integrating migrants.

In bringing together this project team, Meath Partnership has ensured the team has a blend of skills and experience that is relevant to the focus of the project.

Meath Partnership

Meath Partnership provide a wide range of supports to the local migrant community and are the lead agency of the Meath Intercultural Network (MIN). We have forged strategic links with the Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland, Irish Network Against Racism, the Immigrant Council of Ireland and the Office of the Minister of Integration. We have a leadership role in the executive committee of MIN; actively participate on a wide range of thematic working groups; and are the sole funding contributor to the running costs of MIN. We recently trained 20 residents from ethnic minority communities living in County Meath to conduct a participatory and generative baseline study of ethnic minority views, opinions and needs in County Meath providing data to support action planning, priority setting and decision making which have a clear focus on improving outcomes for ethnic minorities living in Meath. The results of this research available on have informed this INTEGR8 proposal.